Recognising that the issues faced by those people detained in police custody will differ from those held in longer term detention, the NPM members considered that a dedicated forum in which to discuss detention in police custody, including detention under terror legislation, would be beneficial.

NPM members who monitor or inspect police custody across the UK have established a sub-group in which more focused discussion can take place. The sub-group will promote information sharing between independent custody visitors and inspection bodies and among all those monitoring police custody across the UK.

The sub-group aims to:

  • Identify key issues and recurring themes relating to treatment and conditions in police custody and consider how best these can be addressed
  • Share information on good practice in delivering a police custody service
  • Share information on approaches to monitoring and inspection, including effective and innovative practice
  • Explore possibilities for joint or coordinated activity
  • Contribute to the wider NPM strategic and business plans and annual report on matters relating to police custody
  • Where appropriate, seek input from external experts and stakeholders.

The sub-group is currently chaired by the Independent Custody Visiting Association (ICVA).