In January 2012 the NPM established a steering group to:

  • facilitate decision making relating to the NPM
  • set the strategic direction for coordinated/joint NPM activity 
  • assist in planning future joint activities, e.g. thematic workshops, annual reports
  • advise and support HMIP and the NPM Coordinator in their roles
  • monitor and assess the value of joint activities
  • promote engagement of all members in joint NPM activity
  • act on behalf of the NPM
  • represent all members of the NPM as best it can, taking into account the different roles of the members and the contexts in which they operate 

The current members of the Steering Group are:

  • Charlie Taylor, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons (England and Wales)
  • Anne Owers, Independent Monitoring Boards (England and Wales)
  • Judith Robertson, Scottish Human Rights Commission
  • Rachel Lindsay, Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland
  • Sherry Ralph, Independent Custody Visiting Association (ICVA)

The Steering Group is chaired by NPM Chair John Wadham and the NPM Secretariat provides support.

UK NPM Steering Group Terms of Reference