The NPM Mental Health Subgroup provides and opportunity for organisations with responsibilities for the monitoring and protection of people in health and social care detention settings to work collaboratively on issues with specific mental health impacts. It was established in March 2015 and is coordinated on a rotating basis, currently by the Care Quality Commission.

The Mental Health Subgroup aims to:

  • Seek a coordinated approach to MH issues and contribution to the NPM agenda and business plan
  • Enable a peer-review approach to identification of development areas and improvement processes
  • Share information on the work of the NPM bodies and increase transparency of each other’s organisational approach to MH monitoring
  • Offer members access to specialist knowledge
  • Provide an opportunity to discuss cross border issues and implications for members
  • Identify possibilities for sharing resources for research, training and development e.g. conferences, seminars, e-learning
  • Identify common issues and interests
  • Discuss benchmarking possibilities to support the available evidence-base for local policy and intelligence

Terms of Reference for the National Preventive Mechanism – Mental Health Network